5 Incredible Fake Grass Patio Ideas That You Never Thought

Fake Grass Patio Ideas


Do you know that the perfect fake grass patio ideas play a vital role in increasing the enjoyment and overall beauty of your living? This decorative feature is also easy to install, cost-effective, sustainable, and allows low maintenance.

A fake grass patio refers to decorating the floor with artificial turf that is made of non-toxic material and conveys the look of natural grasses without any mud. Turf patio ideas are fabulous for changing the patio’s appearance with minimal effort and getting the highest comfort. 

The idea may be new to you. Don’t worry. We inform you of the most beautiful and convenient turf patio designs. So, let’s get started.

5 Fake Grass Patio Ideas To Improve Your Patio With Greenish Vibe

There may be many artificial grass patio ideas, but all don’t match every space. So, you need to develop an effective and purposive one. Check the following ideas by professional designers of Imran’s Creation to meet your aspiration.

1. Multi Steps Patio With Fake Grass

Multi steps patio adds structural beauty to a building. You can enhance the charm of the patio by laying fake grasses on the steps. No one can realize how the grass grows. 

  • Cover the steps of the patio with fresh green-colored artificial grass.
  • Also, keep some natural shrubs on the tub beside there.

2. Playful Patio With Adorable Greens

Fake grass patio ideas are most convenient for those who have kids. Because it is comfortable, harmless to the baby, and does not get damaged easily, even if used roughly.

  • Cover the patio with fake grass of very soft and durable material. As children will be using it, take care of the drainage.
  • Without adding extra decorative elements to the patio, arrange some colorful toys for the kids.

3. Luxurious Patio With Soft Turf

The luxurious and cozy patio is incomplete without grass. But maintaining natural grass takes work. So, there is only one way to get the soft green under the feet with fake grass.

  • First, cover the patio floor with artificial turf. Astroturf in various green shades is available for purchase in the market. You can combine light and dark green grass to get a contrasting look.
  • Then arrange a set of sofas. Keep large flower vases, natural plants, and an aquarium beside it.
  • Attach warm lighting to use the patio in the evening.

4. Rustic Patio With Artificial Grass

Those who love rustic charm can also try fake grass patio ideas because the astroturf equally embraces stones and rocks like natural ones. 

  • Keep some stones of different sizes and colors on the artificial turf floor.
  • You can organize the stones in certain areas or even around the patio.

Turf To Beautify Patio Garden

The maintenance of the patio garden becomes easier if the patio floor is covered with artificial turf because natural grass is so tough to preserve on a patio.

  • Be highly careful about drainage.
  • Grow the plants and shrubs into tubs to avoid dirt, soil, and water accumulation on the turf surface.

6 Steps To Install Artificial Turf On Patio: Beginner Friendly

Installing artificial turf is relatively easy. But if you don’t know the proper rules, it can cause a complete mess and may not sustain for long. That’s why follow these efficient steps to get your desired astroturf patio.

Step 1:Choose Good Quality Fake Grasses

First, take the best quality artificial grasses; otherwise, all is in vain. In this case, focus on materials such as polyethylene and nylon, which are versatile and durable enough.

Step 2: Take Measurement Of The Patio

Get the right patio size at once to avoid wasting money by buying additional products or messing up by buying less. Of course, excuse the exact amount of fake grass you want to use as per the plan.

Step 3: Bring The Materials Carefully

Do not try this step alone, as it may damage the material. So employ at least two persons to carry the product and ensure no unwanted damage.

Step 4: Cut The Turf

There is no substitute for taking caution. Measure the targeted area several times before finally cutting the grass set.

Step 5: Lay The Base

This step is not mandatory, but we suggest using a supportive base. It ensures proper drainage of artificial turf. Thus preventing water damage effectively.

Step 6: Install The Turf

It’s time to lay the turf on the base. Use the right amount of adhesive and apply it carefully for the installation. Wait for seconds and attach the turf.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can place the artificial grass on old slabs. Here, changing the surface is unnecessary for grass installation. This turf can lay nicely on concrete, wood, and tarmac simultaneously.

Artificial turf is very convenient for any base, like concrete or wooden. The installation process is also the same. Just be careful about the drainage system so it gets secured from water damage.

The best material to use under artificial turf is a geotextile mat. Laying this mat is beneficial because it’s flexible and suitable for the filtration and drainage system.

Final Words

Fake grass patio ideas are great for avoiding the hassle of natural grass maintenance. It offers beauty on the patio and is easy to use. Personal preference must come first. Consider the purpose and comfort of using your patio, then install artificial turf. Also, keep our guidelines with you to make the task easier.

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